May 19, 2017
Frankreich könne nach der Wahl Emmanuel Macrons zum Präsidenten neues Selbstvertrauen gewinnen, sagte der Ökonom und Frankreichkenner Stefan Collignon im DLF. Für Deutschland sei es wichtig, den Franzosen politisch die führende Rolle zu überlassen. Die Bundesregierung müsse gemeinsam mit Macron an einem politischeren Europa für die Eurozone arbeiten. READ THE FULL INTERVIEW IN HERE (ONLY...
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Last Friday, the Pangoal Institution and TWAI organized the conference “The Belt and Road Initiative and China-EU Economic and Trade Ties.” Guests included Former Prime Minister of Italy, Former President of the European Commission Romano Prodi, President of the Pangoal Institution Yi Peng, Professor from Peking University Enrico Fardella, Former Deputy Administrator of State Administration of...
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Members of the Banking and Monetary Committee of the Global Policy Institute London are assessing the relative effectiveness of the US Federal Reserve Bank in comparison to the European Central Bank. The project takes as its assumption that federal political systems are always dynamic and subject to change. Central banks are a key institution in...
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