June 15, 2021
The NATO communique issued yesterday (see here) addresses China as a security threat to the West for the first time. However, within the text there is relatively little on China (vs Russia) other than reference to it being a “systemic rival”, mirroring earlier EU wording on its relations with China. Interestingly there’s no mention of the...
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In March, Bangladesh celebrated its golden jubilee of gaining independence from Pakistan in 1971. Despite suffering its fair share of political disorder over the last 50 years, Bangladesh has achieved steady economic growth and has made significant social achievements. This article will look back on the past 50 years, highlight Bangladesh’s failures, challenges and achievements...
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Although radical Islam openly propagates the subjugation of the West, it can still count on tolerance. Too great is the fear of being accused of defaming an entire religion for legitimately criticizing its excesses. The full article (in German only) is available in the Neue Züricher Zeitung.
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