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The ‘America First’ Endgame argues that we are currently witnessing the ‘endgame’ of the international system established by the USA in the immediate post-WWII period. It is against this background that the US has enacted a new monetary, fiscal, trade and foreign policy mix, ‘America First’, which amounts to a coherent and comprehensive financial war primarily directed against China, but also other economic competitors, in a last ditch attempt to position the USA for what comes next. The book explains the aims and rationale behind current US policies, places them into the broader context of a longstanding US grand strategy, and shows why they will soon trigger the next global financial crisis, which in turn will usher into a comprehensive global debt and currency reset, and a much more regionalised world political, economic and monetary system. While current developments bear significant risks for the European Union and its member states, they also present a unique historic opportunity for Europe to remake itself, and emerge as a clear winner in the new world that is fast emerging.

Some of the key issues and questions that The ‘America First’ Endgame examines include:

  • What aims the US is pursuing with regard to China, and will it succeed in its effort to undermine China’s new Belt and Road Initiative (New Silk Road);
  • How the US has been using recurring cycles of credit easing and tightening as a financial warfare tool;
  • The crucial importance of the impending Chinese current account deficit;
  • Will current US policies once again preserve the US Dollar’s global dominance, or speed up its demise;
  • Why quantitative easing will make a final comeback globally before the unravelling of the current system;
  • What the Eurozone can learn from how the UK, Japan and the US dealt with their respective banking crises in 1914, 1945 and 2008 respectively;
  • Why the next global financial crisis is just around the corner.


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The Global Policy Institute is a London-based think tank on international affairs. It was originally founded in August 2006 as a research institute at London Metropolitan University to analyse the issues of globalisation and to formulate innovative policy solutions. It is now an independent think tank based in Moorgate in the City of London, and draws on both a rich pool of international thinkers, academics as well as policy and business professionals. The Institute gives non-partisan guidance to policymakers and decision takers in business, government, and NGOs.


Policy Analysis for a Changing World

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Stephen Haseler

Professor Stephen Haseler, the Director of the Global Policy Institute, died on Thursday, 20thJuly 2017. European, Atlanticist, radical, controversialist, academic, activist, debater, writer, teacher, friend and mentor, he achieved so very much over a long career and his enthusiasm touched so many of us. He will be sorely missed.

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