Brendan Donnelly
The terms of the political debate about Brexit in the aftermath of the General Election are gradually becoming clearer. Since the project of Brexit is an essentially irrational one, its discussion will always tend towards paradox and conundrum. Nevertheless, the weeks since the General Election have clarified the choices with which the British government and...
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This final report of a series of conferences organised jointly by the Federal Trust and Global Policy Institute working in partnership with the Representation of the European Commission reviews the European policies of the Coalition government during its third year in office. The report stresses the overriding importance of developments in the Eurozone both for...
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This report starts from the assumption that in a highly competitive and rapidly changing world, European states will be better able to maintain their high living standards and remain internationally competitive, if they act with regional cooperation and coordination in their economic and industrial policies. In all the areas considered, the report identifies barriers to...
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Book On the Edge: Britain and Europe
A book by Brendan Donnelly & Lord Hugh Dykes During the past twenty years the British discussion of European issues has increasingly lost contact with reality or rationality. Wilful ignorance, political opportunism and media manipulation have unrecognizably distorted the European debate in the United Kingdom. Even those in theory favourable to a central and constructive...
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Book Odd Man Out?
For some politicians and commentators, Britain is always destined to be the ‘odd man out’ in the European Union, with a history and set of political attitudes which must always pit the United Kingdom’s interests against those of its neighbours. For others, such claims of British exceptionalism are at best much exaggerated, and to the...
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