Jocelyn Pixley
When a trading ‘rabble’ hit financial markets in late January with retail investors putting a squeeze on the industry’s squeeze of GameShop, financial journalists were furious after years of pretending Wall Street had things to tell us. The upset by Main Street ruined the secrets of multi-billionaires, who are scandalised that the mere public uses...
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The US Fed Chair Jerome Powell last week buried wage inflation targets. These were always terrible, but does this burial mean new hope? At the global central bank talkfest on 27 August, Powell put an end to the Inflation Targets that were decreed in the 1990s.[i] Although the Bank of Canada (BoC) and Reserve Bank...
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The Robber Barons are back. The British Academy’s ‘Principles for Purposeful Business’ report argues, ‘the purpose of business is to solve the problems of people and planet profitably, and not profit from causing problems’. This is taken by most economic commentators to be self-evident. In this paper Professor Pixley begs to differ. Corporate strategy is...
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