Stefan Collignon
In this paper, we assess the relation between immigration and unemployment for a sample of 15 EU countries between 1997 and 2016. We estimate separate effects for Northern and Southern Countries based on the differences between the two groups in terms of skill intensity and flexibility of labour market adjustments. We use a panel Error...
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Brexit may be coming, but the terms are far from clear. In the range between the Norwegian model (membership in the customs union and single market without political participation) and a hard Brexit severing all ties with the EU, and even the long run dissolution of the United Kingdom, anything is possible. History rarely repeats...
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Frankreich könne nach der Wahl Emmanuel Macrons zum Präsidenten neues Selbstvertrauen gewinnen, sagte der Ökonom und Frankreichkenner Stefan Collignon im DLF. Für Deutschland sei es wichtig, den Franzosen politisch die führende Rolle zu überlassen. Die Bundesregierung müsse gemeinsam mit Macron an einem politischeren Europa für die Eurozone arbeiten. READ THE FULL INTERVIEW IN HERE (ONLY...
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