Stephen Barber
The new Book by GPI Senior Fellow Professor Stephen Barber argues not only is the answer an emphatic, ‘No’, but that our leadership is failing us at this crucial inflection point. We are at the inflection point of a digital transformation that will reach into every aspect of our lives including the way we work,...
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Professor Stephen Barber, a senior research fellow at the Global Policy Institute and Professor of Global Affairs at Regent’s University London, has been the UK project coordinator for an exciting Erasmus + funded project. Modernising European Legal Education (MELE) brings together a consortium of 9 European Universities to enhance the transversal competences and academic skills...
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As the world’s political leaders prepare for the Cannes G20 meeting at the end of this week, bold solutions to global economic problems are once again on the agenda. Global economic circumstances require concerted actions and policy solutions from the world’s most important economies. But is the G20 in its current form able to deliver,...
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