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Last Friday’s revelations about India’s use of torture in Kashmir are the latest in a disturbingly long line of stories that undermine attempts to portray India’s rise in the international system as a force for the global good. Following a period of transition that has seen a move away from Cold War non-alignment and a...
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Gordon Brown, in his narrative of the banking crisis (‘Nothing short of chronic recklessness powered by unchecked greed…’, 7 December), portrays himself as the man who got angry with the bankers, but the question remains: is he redressing the power balance between national states and a globalised financial system? For Brown, the postmortem on Lehman...
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As one of the largest economies in the world, China is being asked by the international community to take a more and more active role in world affairs, ranging from contributing to stabilizing the post-financial crisis global economy to cutting greenhouse gas emission. Sometimes, Western approach toward China is contradictory or driven by political agenda....
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