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In the wake of the recent Irish debt crisis, the UK Coalition government decided not to take part in a new rescue fund for troubled eurozone members, suggested by France and Germany. This decision comes in spite of the UK’s pledge to support the EU-IMF rescue efforts for Ireland through a bilateral loan of more...
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More than three years into the most significant structural crisis of modern history, the flaws that caused it are still looming around like the strokes of midnight in a horror movie. A main problem is Moral Hazard. Some banks have reached such a big size that their failure would jeopardise society. Thus, these Banks enjoy an...
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In the wake of the global financial crisis a new international order is coming to the fore, writes Chris Luenen. What we are witnessing today are the birth pangs of a world of three regional monetary and trading blocs. The realisation is slowly setting in that once the global crisis has abated, globalisation, as we...
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Last month, Horst Köhler resigned as German president following a public outcry over comments he made in an interview that were widely understood as justifying war for economic reasons. Although it is clear that for someone in Köhler’s position to make the remarks he made is politically unsavvy, the disproportionate public anger his statement provoked...
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