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 Dr Michael Lloyd, Senior Research Fellow of the GPI, has published a new book in which he sets out a comprehensive analysis and counter-narrative to the neo-liberal market capitalist orthodoxy. The book can be purchased from Amazon in e-book or paperback format. From Locke to Hayek to Trump: The Trail of Neo-liberalism and the Need...
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Brexit is the source of a great deal of uncertainty as far as the exit agreement is concerned. The British government has announced that it will trigger the procedure provided for by article 50 TEU on 29th March, but the commercial aspect of the negotiations is still subject to several strategic factors. Moreover, Theresa May’s...
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The outcome of the recent referendum on the question of Britain’s membership in the European Union has many important implications. These range from the exact modalities of Britain’s future relationship with the EU and other EU-member states, the free movement of labour on the continent, the continued stability of the UK housing market, financial services...
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July 6, 2016 GPI Professorial Research Fellow, Professor Sam Whimster, comments on Gordon Brown’s article in The Guardian (“The key lesson of Brexit is that globalisation must work for all of Britain”): “Migration might be controversial but it follows from the free movement of capital across national borders. […] Is Mr Brown prepared to assert...
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