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In a world characterized by increased digitization and connectivity, yet also heightened conflict between emerging and status quo powers, hardly any subject deserves more attention from policymakers, business leaders and intellectuals than the question of cyber security. Cyber crime and warfare have the potential, not least because of its ease of use, to cause greater harm to societies, economies and even states than almost any other tool in the hands of organised criminal gangs, or malicious private or state actors. Cyber Security will play a defining role in ensuring the survival of our social, economic and political orders in the years and decades to come.

Understanding the possibilities and shortcomings of cyber warfare, and the vulnerabilities, capabilities, motivations, attack vectors and modus operandi of geopolitical competitors in the context of the broader questions and trends shaping the future of our world is key to optimising decision-making, both public and private. This is particularly true for Europe, which is already facing severe challenges on multiple levels.

Exploring the principal cyber security challenges and possible policy solutions to address them in the context of the broader challenges facing Germany, Britain and Europe in a rapidly changing world will be main emphasis of this In-Focus project.

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