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The GPI draws on both a rich pool of international thinkers, academics, and professionals from diverse backgrounds, including international affairs, banking and finance, industry, technology and science, media and international organisations. What we all have in common is a strong belief that new and fresh ideas are needed for a rapidly changing world, and a shared dedication to devising innovative yet practical policy solutions to that can make a real difference.

China’s Vision 2035: From Beijing’s Forbidden City to Interconnected Eurasian Megacity

At the heart of Beijing’s Imperial City lies the sprawling palace complex of the Forbidden City.  Home to China’s celestial emperors, its heavenly grounds were off-limits to ordinary mortals. In modern-day Beijing, China’s leaders talk of the capital city’s future...
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From Slumdog Millionaire to Bengaluru Billionaires: UK-India Business is on a Roll

The multi-award-winning British film, “Slumdog Millionaire”, fired up interest among British movie goers, about a decade ago, to explore the parallels between British and Indian societies in the twenty-first century. The film’s reality-based grittiness mixed in with the fairy-tale saga...
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The EU and India Launch High Level Talks on Trade and Investment

The European Union (EU) and India held their first high-level dialogue (HLD) on February 5. The HLD arose out of the agenda set out during the 15th EU-India Leaders’ summit held in July 2020, which meets annually. While the HLD’s principal aim is...
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The Digital Silk Road: Towards a China-Centred Eurasian Tech Ecosystem?

In 2015, the Chinese government officially announced in a governmental white paper the creation of the Digital Silk Road (DSR), also known as Information Silk Road, as a subset of the Belt Road Initiative (BRI) (NDRC 2015). According to Beijing’s...
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Bangladesh’s Budget FY2021: Politics vs. Reality

For the last nine years Bangladesh has been growing steadily with an unbroken run of 6 percent or higher growth rates, reaching as high as 8.2 percent in 2019. With the unparalleled health, social and economic threats raised by the...
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End of ‘golden era’ in UK-China relations goes beyond any US meddling

With the fifth anniversary of the China-Britain Comprehensive Strategic Partnership approaching, it is remarkable to see how dramatically this much-heralded “golden era” of relations has turned into one of deepening mistrust and bitter acrimony. In the past few weeks, Prime...
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Are a Second Group of East Asian Economies Beginning to Exert Control over Covid-19?

The Successful Front-line States Official date continues to suggest that while China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam to have imposed significant control over Covid 19, they are far from eliminating it and continue to take measures to deal...
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The Sino–Russian Entente and EU Foreign Policy After the Pandemic

The current health crisis has exacerbated the rivalry between great powers. But it has also given Europe a few more opportunities to engage with Russia. In a world increasingly framed by great power rivalry, deepening ties between Moscow and Beijing...
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The Huawei Conflict: A Front in the New Cold War

We appear to have entered a new Cold War between the US and China. There are a number of fronts across a widening battlefield. One of them concerns the issue of the provision of 5G equipment to countries, including the...
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Diverging EU and US foreign policies are pitching up on opposite sides of China’s Great Wall

The Chinese government’s announcement of a controversial new national security law for Hong Kong has encountered distinctively restrained responses from policymakers and officials in Brussels and other European Union (EU) capitals in contrast to combative countermeasures coming out of Washington...
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The Socio-Economic Implications of Covid-19 for Bangladesh

The ferocity of the Coronavirus pandemic has affected the developed and less developed regions of the globe, both urban and rural, and the activities we all take for granted have come to a standstill. This article, however, will focus on...
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This is a top down view of the progress of the Covid-19 virus and the global pandemic. It summarizes information obtained from John Hopkins University, and presented in a different form. The world is divided into 8 regions, and the...
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Covid-19 in Asia

Covid-19 and the Front-Line Asian States

Since late March, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam have imposed further Covid-19 related restriction in responses to renewed concerns over case levels. This has attracted considerable attention and raised fears of a second wave of the virus...
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Improving EU-India Understanding on Russia

During the Cold-War years, Europe and India engaged with the Soviet Union at very different levels. On many occasions they found themselves supporting the opposite side. Western Europe was part of the American led western alliance. India, however, had very...
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The Ongoing Plight of Migrant Domestic Workers in the Middle East

Migrating to the Middle East in search for economic opportunities can sometimes pose a serious risk for the hundreds and thousands of women from Asia seeking employment in private households across the region, but especially in the Gulf States, as...
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