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The rise of China as a major continental power is increasingly challenging the Western-dominated international order; a challenge that brings into question the whole rule-based system and its institutional framework. Further, the Chinese variation on Asian state-led development – variously termed state capitalism and capitalism with Chinese characteristics – poses significant challenges to neoliberalism, already significantly discredited by the GFC. GPI’s long-term focus on China emphasises both the distinctiveness of its domestic economic, political and  social forms, its impact on the Asian regional and global systems, and the nature of its approach to regional integration and international relations. Areas of focus of GPI China include the rebalancing of the economy, the development of China’s financial sector, currency management and  internationalisation, rural credit, central bank policy, migration, China’s role in East Asian integration, relations with Russia and the USA, and its role in new institutions such as the AIIB, NDB, CMIM and AMRO, among other areas of research.

The GPI’s work on China and research activities in China are headed by GPI Senior Research Fellow Michele Geraci, who is based in China and speaks fluent Mandarin. To contact Michele Geraci, please email: Alternatively, please visit:

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Personal Website: Michele’s blog ‘China Economy & Society’ can be viewed at (English and Chinese)

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Head of GPI China

Michele Geraci

Michele Geraci leads the Global Policy Institute’s research efforts on China as Senior Research Fellow and Head of GPI China. Michele is also Head of the China Economic Policy Program and Assistant Professor of Finance at Nottingham University Business School, Adjunct Professor of Finance at New York University, Shanghai, and Adjunct Professor of Finance at Zhejiang University. Michele is an international economist based in Shanghai. Previously, he was an investment banker between London and New York, and an electronic engineer.

Latest Publications

Read the latest analyses by Michele Geraci on China’s New Silk Road initiative, China’s banking and financial systems, economic model, international trade, culture and society as well as on China-EU and China-US relations, among many other topics; as well as watch the latest videocasts, stay up-to-date with Michele’s media appearances and learn about his many other activities on his personal website ‘China Economy and Society’.



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