The Geopolitics of CBDCs

This article was originally published by the Digital Pound Foundation. Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) – a digital form of central bank-issued fiat currency – have seen explosive growth in interest over the past four...
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The Money Illusion: Trust In Public And Private Money

This article was originally published by Z/Yen. There is much discussion about trust in money these days, especially, towards the end of 2022, in relation to crypto-currencies and to some stablecoins. Indeed, money, though intangible,...
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Regionalizing Democracy in the United Kingdom – The Case for an Upper House of the Nations and Regions

Rationale for change and reform: Britain is one of the most centralized democracies in the OECD. Resource allocation decisions are centralized in London, and instructions are handed down ‘vertically’ to the devolved nations and English...
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