Dr Andrew Black

Associate Director

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Email : a.black@gpilondon.com


Dr Andrew Black has extensive experience in management consulting, corporate finance, corporate and investment strategy. This includes experience in the oil and gas, commodity (ores) and other primary producing industries. He also has in depth knowledge of the consumer goods, financial sector, defence and automobile industries. Recently he has worked for clients in the defence industry examining procurement issues.

He has worked on corporate funding and corporate transactions in the pharmaceutical, insurance, banking, property, and FMCG areas. These have ranged from early stage venture capital funding through to more mature asset swaps and other transactions.

He is currently the Managing Director of Digit Ltd, a management and financial consulting company, as well as being a director and associate of several other companies. He has worked for Charles River Associates as a Senior Consultant, and for several years as a Director at Pricewaterhouse Coopers. There he was a key person in the area of Shareholder Value and Value Based Management, developing tailored client solutions, as well as authoring several books on the subject including “In Search of Shareholder Value”, and “Questions of Value” (FT/Prentice Hall).

Earlier he worked in investment banking (Commerzbank, Warburgs and MeesPierson), in industry (Unilever), and as an Economic Advisor for the British Government (Dept of Trade and Industry).

Recently he has written a series of papers on the likely impacts of a hard Brexit for the Federal Trust. These used an Input-Output analysis approach and provided a disaggregated view for 55 different sectors. He recently was invited to the European Parliament to provide an expert view on alternative funding models for mitigating the effects of climate change for the Progressive Society.

He is a trained economist and holds a Ph.D in Economics from London University, as well as Bachelor and Masters degrees in the same subject. He worked as an academic researcher and fellow at the International Institute for Management in Berlin, and at the Max Planck Institute in Starnberg. He has taught economics at various universities, and most recently is a senior research fellow at the Brunel Business School, Brunel University. He was also avisiting lecturer at the University of Warwick Business School and taught at the London Business School on business strategy and valuation issues. He is a research fellow at the Global Policy Institute, and has recently written papers for Chatham House and the Society of Professional Economists.