Dr James D. Boys

Senior Research Fellow

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Dr. Boys is the Director of the Postgraduate Program in International Relations at Richmond, the American International University in London and holds the rank of Associate Professor of International Political Studies. He read American Studies, History and Politics and graduated with Honours from Leicester University and holds a Masters’ Degree from the Institute of United States Studies at the University of London. After three years in industry that climaxed with a role in the Wall Street district of Manhattan, he began his PhD research at Birmingham University in 2001. He researched the evolution and execution of U.S. foreign policy under the Clinton Administration. Having met President Clinton whilst working on Capitol Hill, his research built upon work conducted at the IUSS that had introduced him to such luminaries as Arthur Schlesinger and Margret Thatcher. His PhD research led to interviews with Tony Lake, Robert Reich, Sidney Blumenthal and Al Gore.

He began lecturing at Birmingham University in 2003, working on courses in American Politics and History, a role he would hold until the completion of his doctorate in 2006. During this time he held posts at the University of Gloucester, where he helped teach American Civil War History; at Leicester University, where he led a final year course examining American Foreign Policy during the Cold War and at De Montfort University, where he delivered a second year module on US Foreign Policy. He was invited to deliver a course on globalisation at Richmond, the American International University in London beginning in January 2006. Following the successful delivery of this course he was appointed Assistant Professor of International Politics in the fall of 2006. In January 2010 he was named Director of the International Relations Postgraduate Program, a move that was reinforced by his promotion in September 2010 to Associate Professor.

Dr. Boys is a Consulting Professor with Syracuse University in London and was a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Human Rights and Genocide Studies at the University of North Dakota in 2010. Here he delivered a series of papers examining the Clinton Administration’s response to the Rwandan genocide and the Perpetual War on Terror and was awarded the Key to the City of Grand Forks by the mayor for his efforts. In September 2010 Dr. Boys delivered a paper on the topic of Rendition at the BISA US Foreign Policy conference in Leeds.