Dr Johannes Dragsbaek Schmidt

Senior Research Fellow

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Email : J.D.Schmidt@gpilondon.com


Johannes Dragsbaek Schmidt is Senior Expert at the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, Copenhagen University and Adjunct Associate Professor in Development and International Relations at Aalborg University, Denmark. He has held visiting Fellowships at Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University, Australia; Institute for Political Economy, Carleton University, Canada; Asia-Europe Institute, Uni9versity of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Furthermore, he was previously a fellow at ISEAS, Singapore; Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Jakarta, Indonesia; Social Research Institute, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand; and Third World Studies Center, University of the Philippines. Furthermore, he has extensive research experience from India, China and Bhutan.

He has done consultancies for the UNESCO, the World Bank, ASEM, Nordic Consulting Group and been lead research on a number of long-term research projects funded by the Danish Development Agency, Danida, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other projects funded by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation and he has also been Referee for a number of international journals and the Norwegian Research Council, Irish Development Agency, and Warsaw University.

He published about 240 publications. The refereed output consists of eight edited volumes with international publishers and 38 book chapters and 20 journal articles on issues ranging from social welfare, labour, economic policy-making, geo-politics and geo-economics etc. with a primary focus on Asian issues. More information may be obtained here: http://vbn.aau.dk/en/persons/pp(6b5a9a55-a5d7-4d0d-ac2c-896a774b708d)/publications.html

He is available for interviews and consultancies on j.d.schmidt@gpilondon.com.


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Latest journal articles

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