Dr John Sheldrake

Senior Research Fellow

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Dr. Sheldrake began his career as a management trainee with the British Oxygen Company and subsequently worked in production management with Pitney Bowes, LPA and Sturtevant Engineering.  He later moved to local government where he held senior positions with Westminster City Council and the London Boroughs Association.  He was a Research Associate at the Management College Henley where his research focused on developments in local government finance and labour relations.

Dr. Sheldrake began his academic career at the City of London Polytechnic  specialising in local government and labour relations issues and also developing the study of organizational behaviour, including business ethics and corporate social responsibility.  He has also taught at the Royal Docks Business School where he was a Programme Leader developing courses associated with the 2012 Olympics.  Alongside his  reaearch on contemporary issues he  has completed  a number of historical studies many of which resulted in publications.  In 1996 he was awarded the Maccabean Prize by the Society of Apothecaries for his work on the pioneering sanitarian, Sir John Simon.  Dr. Sheldrake took a sabbatical from academic life from 1999 to 2000 at the Institute of Mathamatics and Its Applications where he was Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

Dr. Sheldrake joined Imperial College London in 1997 and has since specialised in developing and delivering management teaching for engineering undergraduates.  Alongside his teaching and research commitments he has recently been project manager for the successful Imperial Racing Green race team.

Selected Publications:

Technology, Business and the Market, Gower Publishing, forthcoming 2013

Management Theory 2nd edition, Thomson Learning, 2003 (two impressions), new impression, 2008

Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie (1783-1862) Journal of Medical Biography vol. 16 April 2008

Urban Transport (edited and written with K Hey) Ashgate 1997

Management Theory: From Taylorism to Japanization, International Thomson 1996 (four impressions; Japanese and Russian translations 2001)

Transport in Transition (edited and written with J McConville) Dartmouth 1995

State and Market (edited and written with P Webb) Dartmouth 1993

Modern Local Government, Dartmouth 1992

Industrial Relations and Politics in Britain 1880-1989, Pinter 1991

The Limits of Corporatism (with S Vickerstaff) Avebury 1989

Municipal Socialism, Avebury 1989

The Origins of Public Sector Industrial Relations, Avebury 1988

Public Sector Bargaining in the 1980s (edited and written with R Saran) Avebury 1988

The History of Industrial Training in Britain (with S Vickerstaff) Avebury 1987