Auto1 FT CEO Taimur André Rashid

Taimur Andre Rashid

Senior Visiting Fellow, CBDC and FinTech

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Taimur Andre Rashid is Co-Head of the CBDC In Focus programme and a senior visiting fellow for CBDCs and FinTech at the Global Policy Institute (GPI). Prior to joining the GPI, Taimur was the Managing Director of Auto1 FT, a subsidiary of Auto1 Group, and before that Head of Credit Risk at Solarisbank and Kapilendo, two leading fintech companies from Berlin. Before he entered the fintech world, he spent over 15 years in capital structure management with credit risk and ratings, e.g. at Barclays Investment Bank and Standard & Poor’s. Taimur is also considered a proven expert on blockchain topics in the fintech industry.