Find out more about the GPI's research programmes and focus

Our Research Activities

The Institute’s research activities are conducted through five interdisciplinary programmes. We produce publications, run workshops and conferences, and organise in-depth research projects with the aim to generate fresh solutions to the most pressing problems of our times.

The Geopolitics Programme at the Global Policy Institute analyses the dynamics of the current global shifts and identifies practical options for Europe, and the western world in general, to respond to the challenges ahead.

The Geo-Economic Programme analyses the most pressing global economic issues of our time and provides practical policy solutions to meet these challenges. The Geo-Economics Programme addresses issues such as industrial policy, the global financial crisis and the reform of economics.

The GPI Europe Programme casts a spotlight on the fundamental challenges at the heart of the EU’s aspiration as a global power.

The Asia Programme tackles issues of vital importance to the future of the global economy and global governance – the stunning rise of Asia, especially China. Issues that this programme addresses are the new geopolitics of Asia, relations between Japan and China as well as regional integration.

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