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The Asia Programme addresses the growth, political development and increasing integration of the Asian economies with projects and expertise covering East, South East and South Asia. A key linking theme is the varied modes of development that these economies exhibit and the extent to which they can be regarded as comprising multiple routes to modernity and as such a real challenge to neoliberalism and general Western-centred approaches to development, regulation and economic management. This reflects a central concern of GPI and reinforces the links with other Programmes that are most evident in the collaborative projects on global power shifts, Asian regionalism, EU-Asian relations and the reform of global finance. In addition to these, the Asia Programme has a broad body of work on China (see GPI China) and on-going and developing national- and regional-scale projects.

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Head of GPI Asia Programme

Professor Chris Dixon

Economic and Political Development in East and South East Asia (particularly Thailand and Vietnam). Current research and consultancy include: Transitional Economies; Developmental Role of the State; Rise of the Local State; Reformatting of State Power in Vietnam; Foreign Ownership and Cross Border Mergers and Acquisitions; Role of UK-based Accountancy, Law and Insurance in Asia’s Emergent Markets; Regional Integration and Governance in East and South East Asia; Rise of Asia and Global Power Shifts and EU-Asia Relations.

Latest Publications

China’s Vision 2035: From Beijing’s Forbidden City to Interconnected Eurasian Megacity

At the heart of Beijing’s Imperial City lies the sprawling palace complex of the Forbidden City.  Home to China’s celestial...

From Slumdog Millionaire to Bengaluru Billionaires: UK-India Business is on a Roll

The multi-award-winning British film, “Slumdog Millionaire”, fired up interest among British movie goers, about a decade ago, to explore the...

The EU and India Launch High Level Talks on Trade and Investment

The European Union (EU) and India held their first high-level dialogue (HLD) on February 5. The HLD arose out of the agenda...

The Digital Silk Road: Towards a China-Centred Eurasian Tech Ecosystem?

In 2015, the Chinese government officially announced in a governmental white paper the creation of the Digital Silk Road (DSR),...

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