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The GPI draws on both a rich pool of international thinkers, academics, and professionals from diverse backgrounds, including international affairs, banking and finance, industry, technology and science, media and international organisations. What we all have in common is a strong belief that new and fresh ideas are needed for a rapidly changing world, and a shared dedication to devising innovative yet practical policy solutions to that can make a real difference.

Prospects for EU-India Cooperation in Central Asia

Both the EU and India are viewed very favorably in Central Asia. As the region is now stabilizing, integrating and slowly opening to the outside world, it provides tremendous opportunities...
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Immigration and Unemployment in Europe: Does the core-periphery dualism matter?

In this paper, we assess the relation between immigration and unemployment for a sample of 15 EU countries between 1997 and 2016. We estimate separate effects for Northern and Southern...
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European and Indian Perceptions of the Belt and Road Initiative

It is becoming clear that China’s ambitious Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) linking Asia and Africa with Europe through a network of various transportation corridors could fundamentally reshape the geo-economics...
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Economics and Society and the Fate of Liberal Capitalism

Weber’s writings on economic history, economic policy, and schools of economics, and his teaching of economics are outlined. His engagement with, and expertise in economics, are revealed to be more...
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Passporting is a fundamental way in which the EU does business. It defines an important set of benefits open to members of the EU, and passporting rights are not generally...
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Cherchez la Firme. Redressing the Missing Meso Middle in Mainstream Economics

Aristotle warned against a ‘missing middle’ in logic (Gk Mesos – middle; intermediate). This paper submits that one of the reasons why there has been next no major breakthrough in macroeconomics since...
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Asian Governments Line Up Behind China’s OBOR

China’s massive, continent spanning OBOR project is attracting increasing support from Asian governments, including many that have long had poor relations with China.  This development has to be understood in terms...
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Global Federalism: The Answer to Nationalist Populism

The motivation for writing the pamphlet was my concern about the rise of ‘nationalist populism’, partly engendered by the growing marketisation in all areas of our political and economic lives....
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Russia And Saudi Arabia Cement Political Relations In Pursuit Of Broader Integration

Former global energy competitors and geopolitical rivals in the Middle East and Central Asia, Russia and Saudi Arabia have been resolving their differences in order to build a long term...
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China-EU Relations and the Future of European Soft Power: A Strategy for a European Cultural Diploma

The ongoing impact of the financial crisis upon the global economy and the concomitant shift towards more regionally-oriented patterns of trade have greatly increased the cogency of the case for...
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European Union, Brexit, USA: The strategic dimension of the new trade issues

Brexit is the source of a great deal of uncertainty as far as the exit agreement is concerned. The British government has announced that it will trigger the procedure provided...
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Trump’s New World Order: Brexit and Europe in a World Turned Upside Down

In Professor Stephen Haseler’s (Director of the Global Policy Institute) latest policy pamphlet, he analyses whether Donald Trump’s Presidency is likely to see a radical change of course for America and...
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False dawns in M&A land. Harsh Macro realities extinguish optimism for the global economy

Increased Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) activity is often regarded as the harbinger of broader macro-economic trends. Rising numbers and values of M&A deals frequently precede more general improvements in economic...
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The Impact of China’s Economic Situation on Europe

The collapse of the Shanghai stock market at the end of August (a downward correction of 37% since 12th June) has brought back to the fore the inherent weaknesses in...
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United Nations

The Road to Paris: UK Energy Policy in the Age of Global Warming

The so-called Paris Earth Summit has been characterised as a great success, bringing together over 190 nations all apparently willing to buy-in to the notion of global warming and committed...
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