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Our Research & Consultancy

GPI is engaged in applied and policy research. We welcome research requests of an interdisciplinary nature that seek new insights into topics related to GPI programmes and concerns. GPI also offers a range of consultancy services for public and private sector organisations. These are based on our research resources and experience, and can be provided, if necessary, working with other organisations or individuals. Services include, but are not confined to:

  • Research focussed on specific problems.
  • Issues briefing papers.
  • Running or participating in workshops.
  • Strategic option studies.
  • Issues coaching for senior management.

GPI Research taps into an experienced team of researchers. Our team engages in new, upcoming research subjects, seeking to complete the research in months rather than years and moving to rapid publication and dissemination of findings, always with a clear view on the applicability and policy or business relevance of our ideas and output.

GPI research is currently engaged in a project on federal central banks, the latest wave of mergers and acquisitions, and the economic effects of Brexit, broken down into economic sectors.

GPI has a number of research partners and sponsors of research. We welcome new requests for tailored research from the business community, government departments, non-governmental organisations and international bodies as well as financial and advisory firms globally. We are also always interested in exploring new research partnerships with other academics, universities and institutes, public as well as private bodies and will advise and support viable proposals.

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