The BRI area is opening up. Fast economic growth by global standards is improving living standards, and not just in China. Indeed, China’s performance, as compared with the other BRI countries, is more modest than might otherwise be expected. There are some risks that may yet essentially divide the area between the better and worse...
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This article examines how the infrastructural benefits of the Belt &Road Initiative (BRI)are emanating from the world’s most populous country, and soon-to-be largest global economy,stretchingacross the vast geographies of the developing world.  We also look at how  the entire BRI programme is being purposely orchestrated by China’s government into inclusive forms of sustainable and equitable...
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The escalating USA trade war must be seen as part of a much wider US push-back against a rising China, and indeed much of the global system that is considered not to be acting in the American interest. For China, this raises concerns over the impact on its economy and highly integrated domestic and international...
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