A creative and flexible partnership between Ottawa and Minsk would help to boost regional order, and expand Canada’s influence in the Eurasian zone. The recent renegotiation of NAFTA has highlighted Canada’s overwhelming dependence on trade with the United States. US President Donald Trump’s comfort with imposing tariffs on its northern neighbour raises questions about access...
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This past spring, while on an academic research trip to Vladivostok, I stumbled across a museum of naval history. I wasn’t expecting to learn anything about Canadian history during my visit to the Russian Far East. But then I met Yuri. One of the guides at the museum, Yuri was a former Soviet and Russian...
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How Canada, in occasional partnership with Russia, could begin to drive higher-order issues on a global basis. Relations between Ottawa and Moscow are today tightly circumscribed by the limits imposed since 2014 by the Russian-Western confrontation. Indeed, the general legacy of the Cold War, combined with the specific tensions that followed the Ukrainian Revolution, the...
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