Chris Dixon
In the latest GPI Policy Paper, Chris Dixon focuses on the issue of an Asian Monetary Fund (AMF). At the time of its launch in March 2010, the Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralisation (CMIM)  was widely reported, particularly in Asia, as heralding the establishment of an AMF that would provide both an independent alternative to the...
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Given the dimensions of the human tragedy that has unfolded in Japan since the earthquake struck on 11 March 2011, it is not surprising that the possible consequences for the rest of East and South East Asia have received comparatively little attention. Most commentators have followed the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank in...
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The emerging Pacific Asian economies are clearly not immune to the current international financial crisis. All the major economies remain heavily dependent on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and export earnings, particularly from the USA. The vulnerability of the Pacific Asia economies is reflected in the behaviour of the regional stock markets, the sharp declines in...
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