Christine Lagarde
Following its comparative analysis of the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, published in 2018, fellows at GPI London are responding to Christine Lagarde’s call for submissions to the ECB’s own review that is to be completed end of 2020. The GPI team have split their efforts into an economic review and a...
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Professor Sam Whimster, Deputy Director of the Global Policy Institute and Editor of Max Weber Studies, has written a letter for the FT, stressing that the incoming president of the European Central Bank, Ms Christine Lagarde, should “not get drawn into narrow institutional debates”, but instead “use her overview experience to demand changes in the...
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Open Letter to Christine Lagarde (President-Elect ECB), Ursula von der Leyen (President-Elect EU Commission), Roberto Gualtieri (Chair of EP Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee), Christoph Schmidt (Chair of the German Council of Economic Experts).   Dear President-Elect Madame Lagarde, You will soon be taking up your new post as President of the ECB. At the...
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