China’s massive, continent spanning OBOR project is attracting increasing support from Asian governments, including many that have long had poor relations with China.  This development has to be understood in terms of the regions’ enormous infrastructure deficit, the lack of alternative funding, and the changing reality of Asian geopolitics and economic relations.   China has become the principal...
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This is the first of a series of planned reports on microcredit in China. In this paper we offer our view of what is preventing microcredit from developing in China and offer a list of recommendations for Chinese policy makers that wish to promote this sector. Our preliminary analysis suggests that microcredit is not developing...
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One of the byproducts of China’s fast economic development over the last 30 years is the growing income disparity between rural and urban residents. It is undeniable that absolute living conditions have improved for almost everyone, with the most notable examples at both ends of the spectrum being the eradication of poverty and the recent...
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