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Executive Summary The two quotations cited above make the following points. Firstly that the likely economic storm that could yet engulf the UK post Brexit is going to take all the fortitude possible to manage it. And secondly, as with the Hotel California, however many times the UK tries to check out from the hotel...
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In his recent testimony to the House of Lords, Sir Ivan Rogers, former British Permanent Representative to the European Union, criticized as premature and ill-prepared the Prime Minister’s triggering last March of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. This is unfair to Theresa May. No different date for the beginning of the Brexit negotiations could...
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This final report of a series of conferences organised jointly by the Federal Trust and Global Policy Institute working in partnership with the Representation of the European Commission reviews the European policies of the Coalition government during its third year in office. The report stresses the overriding importance of developments in the Eurozone both for...
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This report starts from the assumption that in a highly competitive and rapidly changing world, European states will be better able to maintain their high living standards and remain internationally competitive, if they act with regional cooperation and coordination in their economic and industrial policies. In all the areas considered, the report identifies barriers to...
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The Global Policy Institute is a research institute on international affairs. It is based in the City of London, and draws on both a rich pool of international thinkers, academics as well as policy and business professionals. The Institute gives non-partisan guidance to policymakers and decision takers in business, government, and NGOs.