Gulshan Sachdeva
During the Cold-War years, Europe and India engaged with the Soviet Union at very different levels. On many occasions they found themselves supporting the opposite side. Western Europe was part of the American led western alliance. India, however, had very close strategic and economic ties with the USSR, which were institutionalised through the 1971 Indo-Soviet...
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European and Indian Perceptions of the Belt and Road Initiative: Dr Karine Lisbonne de Vergeron, Associate Director of the GPI and Professor Gulshan Sachdeva, Jean Monnet Chair and Director, Europe Studies, JNU release their joint publication as part of the EU-India Think Tank Initiative 2018, a public diplomacy project aimed at connecting research institutions in...
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It is becoming clear that China’s ambitious Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) linking Asia and Africa with Europe through a network of various transportation corridors could fundamentally reshape the geo-economics and geopolitics of the whole Eurasian region and beyond. As the initiative has huge implications for the EU and India; the paper has captured evolving...
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