It is increasingly clear that for powerful elements of the Trump administration backed by the Israel lobby, the demand for a renegotiation of the Iran nuclear deal is only a thin cover for a strategy of regime change in Iran. This has been explicitly stated by some of them. Mike Pompeo’s twelve demands to Iran...
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Cyber attacks have become an integral part of modern warfare and have significantly leveled the playing field, affording even 2nd and 3rd ranked powers the ability to inflict major, if not lethal, damage on any given adversary. In the past few years there have been some very high-profile instances of alleged cyber warfare, which in...
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The intention of this paper is to place the current security issues in the Middle East in a global context and to do so in terms of the next three decades. Over that time span there are likely to be four main determinants of global peace and conflict. DOWNLOAD THE FULL POLICY PAPER HERE.
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