Liberalism has been an unprecedented success story in the western world over the last five centuries, and liberal democracy over the last few decades. The collapse of Soviet socialism owed much to the paradigm shift from collectivism to individualism. However, the global process of opening borders following the collapse of the Iron Curtain has shuffled the...
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In recent days, Italian newspaper Il Foglio has discussed a politicized version of the debate between “More Europe or Less Europe? More free market or more protectionism? “, quoting Salvini and Di Maio, the leaders of Northern League and Five Star Movement, respectively, as the promoters of a more protectionist view that puts national sovereignty at the...
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Princeton University Professor John Ikenberry, one of the most articulate defenders of the open, rules-based system that dominates international politics today, claims that the past two centuries should be remembered as “the liberal ascendancy.” In this narrative, conservatives have become economic liberals, socialists have become social liberals, the institutions that regulate international affairs have proliferated...
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