In 1978, Vaclac Havel wrote an essay, “The Power of the Powerless”. It followed the publication of “Charter 77” in 1977. In the essay Havel attempted to explain his view of what it meant to be a dissident in Czechoslovakia at that time, but the essay also described the nature of the all-pervasive ideology prevalent...
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The Global Policy Institute is currently studying how the liberal order can accommodate an increasing multipolar world in which major state actors and regional blocs increasingly pursue their own interests – political, economic and cultural. Increasing levels of competition, tensions and potential for conflicts  present major difficulties of management and adjudication by the multilateral institutions...
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About the GPI

The Global Policy Institute is a research institute on international affairs. It is based in the City of London, and draws on both a rich pool of international thinkers, academics as well as policy and business professionals. The Institute gives non-partisan guidance to policymakers and decision takers in business, government, and NGOs.