Rod Dowler
This New Year the UK is entering into an unfamiliar, post-Brexit, hopefully post-pandemic, world, and is facing many challenges. To succeed we need a flourishing economy, and a business sector working closely with the government to strengthen the domestic economy, and international trade. The current Conservative government, however, is disunited and unclear about its recovery...
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Sigmund Freud, the public affairs industry, and the internet may all have played a part, write Isabelle Stanley and Rod Dowler. We all depend in our social, business, financial, and political affairs, on a shared currency of trust. But we have somehow devalued this currency and breaches of public trust have recently grown to epidemic...
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Current mainstream economic thinking says that industrial policy is ineffective, and that market forces should determine the fortunes of companies and industries. In the credit crisis, however, the UK government and most other governments felt compelled to intervene. They established a de facto industrial policy strongly favouring the financial sector, at the expense of the rest of...
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