Policy Report (November 2011) – The Open Method of Coordination. A Governance Mechanism for the G20?

As the world’s political leaders prepare for the Cannes G20 meeting at the end of this week, bold solutions to global economic problems are once again on the agenda. Global economic circumstances require concerted actions and policy solutions from the world’s most important economies. But is the G20 in its current form able to deliver, even when there is agreement amongst political leaders? The evidence so far suggests there is an important dilemma: Global policy issues require the G20 but the institution lacks the implementation capabilities to really address the policy issues. Against this backdrop, the Brussels Office of the Bertelsmann Stiftung has published a study prepared by Chris Luenen (Global Policy Institute), Henning Meyer (London School of Economics) and Stephen Barber (London South Bank University). The study seeks to use the European Union’s experience with the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) to develop a new governance mechanism that would help to turn the G20 into a more effective global governance institution by improving its implementation capabilities.


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