2022 Annual CIPD Reward Management Survey

The CIPD’s eighteenth reward management survey reveals the UK benefits landscape and highlights the importance of employee financial wellbeing.

The report draws together findings from the annual survey of UK employer reward policy – the CIPD Reward Management survey – as well as a new survey on employee financial wellbeing. The Reward Management survey examines the benefits employers provide their employees in the UK. The survey took place in October 2021, with 280 reward professionals completing the questionnaire from the private (70%), public (15%) and voluntary (15%) sectors.

To find out about what employees thought about their financial wellbeing, pay and benefits, CIPD commissioned YouGov to carry out an online survey on its behalf. The survey took place between 22 December 2021 and 15 January 2022, with 2,557 adults responding.

By consolidating these findings, one can assess what impact the pandemic (and cost increases associated with the UK economy reopening from April 2021) has had on employee financial wellbeing and in-work poverty – from the perspective of both employers and employees.


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