Annual CIPD Reward Management Survey

In the 17th annual reward management survey researched and written for the CIPD, published on March 5th, 2021, the focus is on the impact that COVID-19 and the ensuing economic turmoil have had on employee reward management practices in the UK.
The survey asks whether global events and resulting trends have forced organisations to revisit their reward policies on, for example, matters like employee financial wellbeing. The report examines the motivations behind these changes in reward, the barriers encountered along the way, and includes recommendations for organisation leaders when updating polices and practices.
A specific ‘call to arms’ by the CIPD informed by the research findings is for all employers to recognise both the moral and business case for taking more responsibility for their employees’ financial wellbeing, when the survey shows that half of them still lack a position on how they support their workforce’s financial wellbeing.
The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how important this is if employers are to be seen doing the right thing as well as being underscored by a strong business case to engage employees and demonstrate respect for their wider social obligations.

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