Ioannis Koliousis

Senior Research Fellow

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Ioannis is an expert in the fields of supply chain management, transportation & transport planning, cargo & freight logistics, public transport and has been a serial entrepreneur in the transportation and energy sectors.

Ioannis has extensive consulting and training experience from operational to strategic level in the fields of transportation, supply chain management and maritime/shipping including devising public transport strategies for major PT Authorities, traffic flow demand management, city logistics, developing Port Community Systems as well as Business Intelligence systems for the Supply Chain Industry, administrative re-organization, pedestrianisation plans for city centers and mobility plans for small residential areas. He has participated in engagements in different capacities; from team member to project coordinator, devising the proposal, establishing the objectives, running the project and reporting to senior leadership (including high ranking EU Officials). Ioannis is also lecturing on the above topics at C-Level audience.

Ioannis has also a sound entrepreneurial background, having established a number of transportation and energy related enterprises (3PLs, Pallet Pooling schemes, PV ventures).

Ioannis holds an MEng in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA),  an MSc in Decision Sciences from AUEB (GR) and a BSc in Maritime Studies from Uni. Piraeus (GR). He is currently a Partner in Decision Dynamics Ltd where he is the Head of Maritime Transport, Logistics & Freight Systems practice.

Selected Publications

Koliousis I., Koliousis P., Papadimitriou E., “Estimating the impact of road transport deregulation in short sea shipping: experience from deregulation in the European Union”, International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics

Tzannatos E., Papadimitriou E., Koliousis I., “A Techno-Economic Analysis of Oil vs Natural Gas Operation for Greek Island Ferries”, International Journal of Sustainable Transportation

Papadimitriou E., Tzannatos E., Koliousis I. “Oil vs LNG Fuelled Ro-Ro Service for Greece as an alternative to road transport” Short Sea Shipping Conference 2012, 2-3 April 2012, Lisbon.

Koliousis I., Papadimitriou E., “Advancing transport studies to bring sustainable mobility: the ADVANCE scheme” 2ndRegional Sustainable Mobility Conference, Volos (GR)

Koliousis I., Koliousis P., Katsoulakos T., “Maritime Single Windows: Lessons learned from the eMAR Project”, MTEC 2014 Conference, Trondheim, NO

Papadimitriou E., Tzannatos E.,  Koliousis I., “Promoting Short Sea Shipping in European Union: lessons from the PROPS Project” IAME 2011 Conference, Santiago Chile

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