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Bob Savic has over 20 years of professional experience providing tax, legal and economic advisory services to multinational companies, SMEs and governments across various European and Asian countries. He assisted the Singapore government in the development of a new economic model focused on innovation and creativity in 2000 with respect to a range of tax programmes. In 2003 and 2007, respectively, Bob was an advisor to the Ministry of Investment of Macedonia and Ministry of Finance of Serbia in the provision of tax credit and incentive regulations for investment in capital expenditure projects in key industry sectors.

Bob has worked as a partner for tax and legal services with major professional services firms including PriceWaterhouseCoopers Central & Eastern Europe, Deloitte Russia and CIS, Ernst & Young Singapore, and Deloitte Asia Pacific in Hong Kong. Additionally, Bob has provided economic services for international lending agency projects in respect of China and East Asian development projects on behalf of the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, European Investment Bank, and Asian Development Bank. He has also been a regular contributor and editor of financial and professional publications including Asian Finance, World Money and Banking, the Financial Times, Hong Kong Law Gazette, Reuters, Economist, Singapore Law Gazette, Singapore Accountant, CCH Singapore Legal Review, Ernst & Young’s Singapore Tax & Accounting Review, KPMG’s Personal Perspectives and various other professional and financial publications.

Selected Publications

China and India – Common or Divergent Trends in Economic Reforms?

The China-Russia Relationship – Mutually Beneficial and Sustainable Convergence?

Will China be a Net Outward Investor in 2015?

Saudi Arabia Oil Exports Falter While Non-Oil Sunrise Industries Rise

How Long can Russian Forex Reserves Avert a Rouble Meltdown?

Turkey Inflation Outlook Faces Long Term Structural Headwinds

The Greek Banking Crisis – Asset or Liability for Southeast Europe Banking Sectors

The Emerging Tiger Economies of Eastern and Central Europe

Onshoring & Reshoring

Onshoring and reshoring analysis of international supply chains including for the machinery, electrical equipment, transportation, energy and semiconductor and internet-related sectors;

Trade Legislation & Industrial Zone Enterprise Laws

Assessment of trade legislation and industrial zone enterprise laws of various countries in Southeast Asia and the Pacific as alternative centres of distribution and production to China;

Reshoring Analysis

Reshoring analysis for manufacturing enterprises into neighbouring European Union and non-EU Eastern European jurisdictions, including the Western Balkans and former CIS states constituting the Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and others;

UK-EU trade and cooperation agreement

Support in the practical implementation of the UK-EU trade and cooperation agreement including on easements, issues governing rules of origin, replacement of EU trade agreements, subsidy control commitments, NI protocol, cross-border services arrangements and other matters;

UK and EU trade agreements with third countries

Analysis of UK and EU trade agreements with third countries including digital trade partnerships and on the process and prospects of ongoing trade negotiations;

UK and EU export control regimes

Assessments of UK and EU export control regimes for strategic items including for military and dual use goods;

Sources of international trade law

Examining the main sources of international trade law including the World Trade Organisation, bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements, including in the Asia-Pacific, Africa, Middle East and Latin America, and various other forms of preferential trade agreements;

Sanctions Regimes

Support in the implementation of sanctions regimes, including EU and UK jurisdictional coverage of imposing, administering and enforcing sanctions such as trade, financial, transport and immigration sanctions;

National security and investment law assessments

National security and investment law assessments including statutory regimes for government scrutiny of and interaction in the prosecution of investments and acquisitions for purposes of safeguarding national security.